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We provide a full range of legal advice and litigation to private individuals, companies, authorities and non-profit organizations.

We are appointed by the courts to act in areas such as bankruptcy law, Belgian law on the Continuity of Enterprises, winding-up (liquidation) of companies and non-profit organizations.

To provide a full spectrum of high quality services, we will, if necessary, liaise with tax specialists, accountants, auditors, medical practitioners, architects and other professionals.

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We provide a quality service at fees in line with market practice. At the start of each case or the opening of a client account, we make clear arrangements, including on fees and costs,

In order for client’s not to lose oversight of costs and fees, we invoice at regular intervals.

Fees are generally based on an hourly rate. Time sheets are meticuloulsy kept track. Timesheets are arvailable at client’s request.

In certain cases:

  • Either a fixed lump sum may be agreed upon, or a percentage of the value of the case (for each instance).
  • A custom rate with addedd success fee may be agreed upon.

For debt collecation dedicated fees are offered, depending on whether payments are disputed.

Costs (including transport and administration costs) will also be agreed upon in advance.

Expenses, including costs of the administration of justice, expert’s fees, bailiff’s fees will either be directly invoiced by the provider or invoiced at cost.

Our professional liability is limited to the insurance cover in our policy with AMLIN EUROPE NV (Koning Albert II-laan 9, 1210 Brussel, polis: LXX034899), with no exceptions. The policy is available for inspection at first request.

Our invoices are payable in Geel, on receipt.

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