Family Law

Family law

We handle cases in personal, juvenile and family law (divorce, child custody and access, adoption, recognition and maintenance), including family property disputes.

Partners may agree on a divorce, but may disagree on its effects on property rights, including disputes on family business and/or settlements between partners and families.

We have great experience in matters concerning liquidation and distribution of inheritances. The passing away of a loved one is always distressing. Property consequences may be just as difficult. Devos & Van den Eynde have the experience to help you avoiding conflicts if at all possible and to assist you in resolving them if they prove to be inevitable.

We may help you with:

  • Questions or disputes on divorce or cohabitation
  • Questions or disputes concerning residence or right of access to children
  • Questions or disputes regarding adoption
  • Questions or disputes regarding child recognition
  • Questions or disputes regarding maintenance
  • Liquidation and distribution of inheritance and other estate matters
  • Questions or disputes concerning wills
  • Questions or disputes concerning gifts
  • Liquidation and distribution as a consequence of divorce

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