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About Devos & Van den Eynde

Established in 1989, Devos & Van den Eynde is a full-service law firm supplying a comprehensive range of legal services to our clients. As such, our firm provides legal advice and support to authorities, organisations, professionals and individuals. We are also routinely appointed by the courts to exercise judicial mandates in areas such as debt mediation.

Our firm’s philosophy is grounded in a personal approach to handling our clients’ interests as effectively and efficiently as possible. Please consult our list of services to see how we can help.

As a client or any other interested party, it is useful to know our vision and our working methods.

Our vision

We take our responsabilities seriously:

      • To our clients

It is essentiel for an attorney to put his or her client’s interests first and foremost, always and everywhere. Certainly in long term client relationships this does not stop at answering a question or conducting legal proceedings: we actively try to provide extra value by warning you when risks or opportunities arise. You may rely on our professionalism and on our discretion.

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      • Towards our staff

We ask a lot from our staff, but we give them a lot of freedom to fulfill their responsibilities. We offer them a pleasant working environment, excellent training and flexible agreements with regard to working hours.

Training is a permanent investment. Our staff choose freely and without restrictions which training courses they attend. At a weekly team meeting we discuss what is to be reviewed, both with regard to client matters as with regard to internal organization. This is important for our staff, but also for the client.

We are proud to have an exensive law library and access to legal databases. Quality work requires quality tools.

      • To society

We always act within the limits of the law. Within those limits, we aim to find the solution that is most favourable for you. This commitment benefits clients, but also society as a whole.

We regularely fulfil judicial mandates on behalf of Courts.

We try to limit the use of paper and ink by avoiding useless consumption. And by communicating digitally if possible. Most of the electricity we used is generated by solar panels on our building.

We achieve quality through:

      • Accessibility:

permanent accessibility is utopian. We may be unavailable during meetings and court hearings. However, your attorney will make a point of returning your call as soon as possible. In cases of extreme urgency or during holidays, you will always be able to contact another team member. The office is open and accessible every working day, including on bridging days and in holiday periods.

      • Expertise:

More than 30 years experience and a specialized team of lawyers are a guarantee for top expertise.

      • Teamwork:

we have in house experts in all matters we deal with. They will work together to defend your interests. Our business climate is one of openness and cooperation, both with the client, between our staff and with external advisers. Collaboration ensures both quality and motivation.

      • Efficiency:

we provide an individualized solution and excellent guidance.

      • Information:

we use the most modern technologies and legal databases to process knowledge and information and we share it professionally with our clients, courts and authorities.

      • Continuity:

we offer stability and security to our clients and to our staff.

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How we operate

Devos & Van den Eynde consists of a professional team of administrative staff and lawyers, practising in several areas. We can also call on a professional network of external partners (tax specialists, auditors, medical practioners, architects, specialists, foreign lawyers…). Rest assured, your case file is in safe hands.

To ensure excellent client service, one lawyer is designated to handle each file. His or her role of is to remain in close contact with the client in order to understand his or her requirements, so that the client may be proactively advised when either risks or opportunities arise. If another team member is better placed to solve a particular problem you will be introduced to him or her.

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