Company and Business Law – Acquisitions

Company and Business Law – Acquisitions

We assist you in all aspects of company law and of business law.

Our advice and assistance relate to:

  • Starting a business.
  • Negatiating and drafting contract (employment, trade representative, distribution, business, lease, building contracts, …).
  • Legal assistance during Board meetings and General Assemblies.
  • Liability of contract parties.
  • Conflicts between directors and share holders.
  • Liquidations of companies. We are frequently appointed as liquidators either by the General Assembly or by the Enterprise Court.
  • Bankruptcy of client or supplier.

We assist you in solving conflict, preferably at the negotiating table, before courts or arbiters if necessary.

We are experienced in business acquisitions and we help you find the best strategy to either sell or expand your business. We assist clients in selling their business or shares; we assist in mergers, break-ups and acquisitions from insolvent companies.

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