Urban planning and environment

Urban planning and environment

Wij staan zowel particulieren, ondernemers als overheden bij met betrekking tot onder meer omgevingsvergunningen, domeinvergunningen, bouwmisdrijven, herstelvorderingen en milieu-inbreuken.

We can assist pulbic authorities with:

  • Questions concerninbg permit requests or offences.
  • Editing of draft decisions.
  • Defence of disputed decisions before the Council for Permit Disputes, Conseil d’Etat and Courts.
  • Full service assistance with remedial claims, from collection advice from different authorities until defence before civil or criminal courts. .

We can assist private persons and companies with:

  • Questions concerning procedure.
  • Checking judicial aspects of permit requests.
  • Inspection or dispute of permit decisions or refusals.
  • Oppositions against permit requests by neighbours of third parties.
  • Assistance in case of offences.

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